Pierre Crozat PhD



First part :

  1. C.V. Architect-Urbanist EPFL
  2. 1996 - Pyramids Constructive System
  3.  Pyramid increase: simulation
  4. 1997 - General presentation :
    1. Resume
    2. Introduction
    3. Scientifical, Technical and Operative Research
    4. The process of Pyramidal Growth
    5. Hérodotus was right
    6. Origin of matérials
    7. Technical continuum
    8. Conclusion

Second part:

  1. PhD Thesis in Civil Engineering
  2. 2002 - Publication of "Le Génie des Pyramides"
  3. 2002 - From geology to construction
  4. 2002 - Pyramids and Mathematics

Third part:

  1. Engineering of pyramids
  2.  Construction model
  3. Construction phases infographics
  4. 2005 - World Year of Physics
  5.  2006 - Fun and educational learning
  6. Journal of the Palais de la «Découverte»
  7. Paleo-topo-stratigraphic simulation of the Giza plateau

Fourth part:

  1. Geological hypothesis
  2. Open letter to Hany HELAL
  3. Circular letter to my peers
  4. Successive panels of exhibition
  5. Pedagogical experiences
  6. Curriculum Vitae Researcher

Part five:

  1. Communique - 2021
  2. Of the logistics algorithmic ?
  3. Cheops: computer graphic construction


  1. 2006-2008 - Paris, duo de ses pyramides
  2. 2010 - Of Engineering Works & Men
  3. 2013 - Marseille, pyramid of knowledge

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Name: CROZAT Pierre Marcel André
Date and place
of birth:
10 novembre 1941
71600 Paray-le-Monial
French citizenship
Address: 54, rue du Val d'Amour 39380 LA LOYE France
Tél +33 9 52 60 13 49
Mail: pierre.crozat@free.fr
Web : www.crozat.faivre.ml
Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
section: Architecture - Town Planning
diploma EPF.L - 1971 (1st prize Society of Engineers and Architects)
specialty: Land and City planning
Mining School Nancy, Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine – France
section: Civil Engineering, Hydrology and Geotechnics
2002 – Doctorate in Civil Engineering. Title of the thesis “the Engineering of the Pyramids”
Titles : Architect - Urbanist ORDINEX (International Organization of Experts)
International Consultant Expert: UNIDO - EU (CDI)
Awards: Architectural achievement (1969), 20th century Heritage
1992 - 1997 PRELIMINARY RESEARCH, documentation and modeling
concerning the mode of construction of the great pyramids of Egypt (IVth dynasty) by the development of the process of “pyramidal growth”, according to the writings of the Greek historian Herodotus ( Vth century BC), realized at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne – EPF-L (Switzerland) (thesis interrupted by the death of Prof. F. Aubry, thesis director in 1994, specialist in “vernacular” construction)
Publication of the book entitled “CONSTRUCTIVE SYSTEM OF PYRAMIDS” Editions Canevas - France (February 1997) ISBN 2-88382-065-1
1998 - 2002 THESIS OF DOCTORATE in Civil Engineering, Hydrosystems and Geotechnics Thesis title: “The engineering of the pyramids” Laboratory Environment, Geomechanics and Structures / LAEGO National School of Mines of Nancy / ENSMN - National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine / INPL (with the congratulations of the jury).

For more details: See the thesis “Le Génie des Pyramides” (in French) on the website of Prof. Thierry Verdel, thesis director. Download the thesis
Publication of the book entitled “THE GENIUS OF PYRAMIDS” Editions Dervy - France (June 2002) ISBN 2-84454-161-5
2002 - 2005 COMMUNICATIONS on “Le Génie des Pyramides”
Institute of Physics of the Globe of Paris (IPG-P)
Special School of Public Works (ESTP-Eyrolles, Prof. Ch. Paillard)
Ecole Normale Supérieure - Cachan-LMT (Prof. M. François)
School of Physics and Industrial Chemistry of Paris PMMH (ESPCI, Prof. J. Duran)
Faculty of Sciences of Montpellier (LMGC, Prof. J. Moreau)
Laboratory of Disordered and Heterogeneous Media, P & M Curie University - Paris VI, (Prof. E. Clément)
Architecture Schools of Grenoble, Montpellier (Prof. J.-P. Rouyre)
School of Architecture of Paris-Malaquais (Prof. J. Sakarovitch)
School of Architecture Paris-Belleville
College of Trades of the Workers Association of the Companions of the Duty of the Tour de France (AOCDTF)
French Institute of Oriental Archeology in Cairo (Egypt) (Dr. B. Mathieu)
Polytechnic Institute of Sevenans (IPSé) Department of Computer Engineering (Prof. J.-Noël MARTIN)
National School of Geographical Sciences - Paris- April 2003
Geneva School of Engineering (EIG) - Center for Architecture Documentation (Prof. O. Aubaret and R. Haldi)
House of the Tool and Thought Workers - Troyes
National School of Arts & Crafts (ENSAM) – Paris – Mai 2003
Paris Science Space - Experimental Conference
European Congress of Systems Science - Communication
Establishment of a Scientific, Technical and Operational Research Program: Engineering Geology, Building Art and Know-How of Stone Professions
2002 -03-04 – Creation of a simulation software for the "relationship: Construction / Career": ENSM Nancy / LAEOGO + ESIAL / Coaching Prof. O. DECK
2002 – Simulation of construction with the "machine" by Fabien PASIELSKY, infograph (p.m.)
2003 – Career experts: Dj. AÏSSAOUI, geologist specializing in Engineering Geology and J-P. FOUCHER Stonemason and quarryman, director of the Higher Institute of Research and Training of the Professions of the Stone in Rodez (France) / AOCDTF
2004 – A study of DEA Earth Resource Environment on the geology of the Gizeh Plateau, conducted by A. BASTIEN, student, supervised by Prof. D. JOUSSELIN at CRPG Nancy
2004 – Publication of National Geographic Society "EGYPT" between Heaven & Earth ", photographs by M. Bertinetti
2004 – Computer graphics of the successive stages of growth of the Cheops pyramid by H. ZARZOUR student architect, trainee (p.m.)
2004-05 – Analysis of the mechanical functioning of the Great Gallery of the Cheops pyramid by S. SENOUCI (supervising O. DECK / ENSMN ° (p.m.)
2006 – World Year of Physics 0 The Paris Science Area - ESP (M. LAGÜS)
2005 – Discovery of tectoglyphs by R. PERRIER, French geologist
2006 – Visit of manual extraction quarries (Prof. O. CHERIF)
2006 – EABJM - International School in Active Pedagogy: College Science Education Program
2006-07 – PALAIS of DISCOVERY / Paris: Exhibition - Workshop - Conferences (P. CROZAT, curator)
2007 – Visit and lecture at NARSS (by TH. VERDEL) and meeting with Minister Hani HELAL (then Minister of Higher Education and Research and Prof. Fathi SALEH: Founding Director-Founder proposes to host the Table Round requested by JP MOHEN, CNRS in Egypt, thesis reporter. (Pm)
Attempt to set up a multidisciplinary international research, verification and publication team (France / Mining Schools, Egypt / Ain Chams & Narss Geology School, USA / UC Berkeley, Italy / Florence University).
(aborted attempt because of the political events in Egypt)
2008 – Geology and extraction 2nd career (of the 2 Brothers) (O. CHERIF)
2008 – Making a peak and extracting-dismantling with the Assistant R. MOREL
2009 – Conference in Ain Shams / A. STROUGO and Saqqarah-Abousir / O. CHERIF
2010 – Work Shop at Planetariun Science Center, conference and construction of a pyramid: on the forecourt of the Library of Alexandria
2011 – Establishment of summary maps of the Gizeh Plateau
2012-13-14 – DOLE du Jura: Realization of cross sections of the Gizeh Plateau: Topographic (according to orthophotoplan / IGN and Stratigraphic (according to J. CUVILLIER) superimposed: “what nobody had thought to achieve”
2014 – 3D simulation of the “paleo-topo-stratigraphy” of the Gizeh Plateau: First student team (modeler) on GOCAD software (Prof. J. SAUSSE, geo-engineering)
2015 – Visit of the Gizeh Plateau for a last “wedge” of the stratigraphic sections of the Giza Plateau: with Th. BURLETT
FINALIZATION of THESIS “the Engineering of the Pyramids” and POSTDOCTORAL STUDIES:
2016 – Establishment of the 3D paleo-topo-stratigraphy of the Gizeh Plateau, at the Nancy School of Mines (ENSMN) and the Nancy School of Geology (ENSG Nancy) on the Géomodeleur Software GOCAD, Geoengineering Department - GEORESSOURCES Lab . (Prof. J. Sausse and Th. Burlett, student).
2017 – Direction of the writing of the "Scientific Communication" to be published in the Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences / Paris - CRAS, and copy to the International Union of Geological Sciences - UISG & UNESCO.
2017 Communiqué / Abstract: English and French versions
26/09/2017 – CONFERENCE : Communication of the positive results of the GoCAD® 3D Simulation of the “paleo-topo-stratigraphy” of the Gizeh Plateau, compared with the 2004 outcrop surveys: “What no one has thought of doing until now day”, (with the help of Th. VERDEL) at the Documentation Center for Cultural and Natural Heritage - CULTNAT - at Smart Village - CAIRO - Egypt, at the invitation of Prof. F. SALEH, Founding Director Emeritus. This conference was filmed.
10/11/2017 : OPEN LETTER to Pr. Hany HELAL, Scientific Director of the International Team « SCANPYRAMIDS »